Artist Spotlight Scott Rogers

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  • Prayer for the Corn

  • Addih Hiddisch

  • The Last Supper

  • For Spain

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    Scott Rogers | Sculpture

    Scott Rogers purchased his first bronze in 1990 from his uncle, Grant Speed. Enamored by the piece, Scott came home from work a few months later, looked at it, and said ‘I can do that.” In making his decision to start sculpting, he found himself in a constant state of research—studying under master teachers Fritz White, Stanley Bleifeld, Herb Mignery, Mehl Lawson, and Grant Speed.
    Scott’s desire is to use art as a vehicle to inspire mankind to see the beauty in life. As artists are prone to leave emotional fingerprints all over their work, the majority of what you see are in a way self-portraits. He loves how shape, line, and form communicate, and how every line has a spirit and speaks volumes. He says “put a lump of clay in my hands and a short while later you’ll know exactly how I feel and physically see my soul. I am finding that the key to life is to develop eyes to see what is actually ‘there’.
    Many of the feelings Scott portrays about the ‘Old West’ he has had his entire life. The majority of this comes from his youth—which he spent reading of the West and feeling the emotions in the stories. These words worked their way into his soul, and are expressed through his fingers in clay. Scott believes the ‘West’ was about men and women who had the courage and who were part of something bigger than themselves, and he finds pleasure in doing these individuals justice by creating a fair portrayal of their characters. Each of Scott’s pieces is undeniably emotional—creating a choice for the viewer to play an active part in putting themselves in the scene as the character depicted.
    Rogers continues to create beautifully sculpted masterpieces in his studio in Logan, UT. He has participated in over a hundred art shows nationally over the past 25 years and boasts a number of awards for his depiction of the West and Native American, among many others. Clients include hundreds of corporate and private bronze collectors around the world.