Artist Spotlight Richard Hall

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  • Going Green

  • Stop For Donuts

  • Stealing Kisses

  • Coffee Brake

  • Balanced Diet

  • Lost my Marbles

  • Coffee Monster

  • Robots Best Friend

  • Storm Rider

  • 5 Food Groups

  • Lost My Marbles

  • Sealed With a Kiss

  • Car wash

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    Richard Hall | Realism
    Richard Hall’s realism immediately stands out amongst the variety at Lunds Fine Art. When you first see his work, you notice how utterly realistic and almost translucent his style is. Free of brush strokes, his uniquely inventive and witty compositions transform objects and shadows into a puzzle for the mind—making the viewer debate whether it is a painting or photograph. Richard’s work gives us a look at the reality that combines the nostalgia of iconic objects such as toys and letter blocks, with everyday objects like produce, kitchen utensils, and tools. When you stand back to look at his work, it’s easy to see why he is a storyteller at heart.
    Born and raised in England, Richard began drawing as a child—his grandfather was a master craftsman and furniture maker who taught him to be resourceful and to have a keen eye for detail. He obtained his Bachelor’s Degree at Kingston Upon Hall Regional College of Art and Design with a Major in Painting, in the early 70s, followed by a year-long, intensive course to obtain an art teacher’s certificate at Brighton College of Art in 1977. Here, Richard met his now wife, Sharon, relocating to the US and continuing to pursue art.
    After suffering a minor heart attack in 2006, Richard switched from painting large landscapes to smaller and more intimate still life paintings. He gradually changed his compositions from traditional vases, tableware, flowers, and fruits to something more skewed, expressing his British sense of humor. In his recent work, we see his personal side: a combination of realism, humor, and storytelling that gives us paintings you may not understand at first sight. It’s often only after a double-take that the viewer gets the full experience of each painting