Master Artist Maria D’ Souza

Artist Works

  • MD Birdseye Blesbok 1

  • LR Red Desert

  • LR Red Desert

  • LR Mohave Pearl Oryx

  • LR Impala

  • LR Chakras

  • Biography

    Using European mounts of the world's most iconic animals as the raw form, Maria D'Souza combines design, color, and dimension to create pieces that stylistically range from western to contemporary. Her beaded skull art is unique in that Maria does not view the form of the skull as a canvas that she is bound to. She views it more as a frame to create within. She uses semi-precious and precious stones, seed beads, Bali silver, patina copper, exotic lathers, and other materials to create patterns of symmetry, depth, and motion. Continually striving to create pieces that have never been done before, her beaded skulls constantly reflect the use of new materials and artistic techniques.