Artist Spotlight Jennifer Vranes

Artist Works

  • Glistening Spring

  • Lavender Fields

  • Summer Love

  • Wading Through Heaven (giclee)

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  • Biography

    Best known for her large and vibrant paintings of Aspen Forests and European Landscapes, Jennifer Vranes uses her trademarked technique to virtually ‘sculpt’ thick textures into each and every piece. Never overlooked by gallery visitors, the textures and colors used in Jennifer’s paintings are truly realistic and borderline three-dimensional—allowing the observer to experience each piece as if he or she has jumped into the scene. An avid traveler, Jennifer explains that she finds inspiration in the beautiful places she has seen around the world, and transports the viewer through her art to these places with vivid detail.
    Vranes’ unique paintings continue to gain attention around the world, her work having been recognized by Art Business News and recently secured for the US State Department’s ‘Art in Embassies’ Collection in Mali. When asked about her successful Art Career, Vranes simply says, “I paint to bring joy to the lives and homes of others. IN a world of growing uncertainty, I want my paintings to provide the viewer a momentary escape from reality. My landscapes carry that magic!”