Master Artist Jennifer Seeley

Artist Works

  • Water Play

  • Majestic Ram

  • Baby Cow

  • Catching Dinner

  • Biography

    Jennifer Seeley is a visual artist mainly working in two-dimensional mediums including: printmaking, drawing, photography, watercolor, acrylic and oil painting. She graduated in the top ten percentile from Bingham High School with a Full Tuition Scholarship to Snow College and a private scholarship from the Horatio Alger Scholarship programm for individuals who have shown excellence in overcoming adversity. She graduated from Snow College in 2012, spent a semester studying at BYU Hawaii, and is finishing her Bachelor's at Utah State University. She is inspired by the aesthetics found in the natural word. She believes art is a careful balance of control verses spontaneity and serendipity. She delights in the simplicity of creating something out of nothing. She draws inspiration from her experiences as an outdoor explorer/traveler and authors such as Henry David Thoreau, Terry Tempest Williams, Jon Krakauer, and Edward Abbey Seeley believes the human soul desires to create and she fulfills this ambition through her art. She enjoys giving glory to the simple things — unveiling the world in a different light.